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Chess Game

Our Development Services

At Talent Solution Consultant, we offer targeted, tailored program that get your hybrid organisation where you need it to be. Our training and development services ensure your people have the skills and knowledge needed to meet your business objectives.


With our strong network, we provide high-standard development program across the region in multi-language; including Thai, English, German and Swedish. 

Explore our range of development courses, each one specifically designed for every step in your professional development. 

We partner with the world's leading provider of multilingual, multidisciplinary business simulation games.

Let's plan an unforgettable company retreat together. At TSC, we help you create tangible assets with actionable outcomes that will transform the way

your team work

We focus on finding the right solution to its clients' needs and draws on the extensive experience of our consultants. You can enjoy our creative activities such as corporate cooking activity, amazing race, scavenger hunt and many more. 

Chess Game

Bangkok   +66 94 919 1535   |   Stockholm +46 70 624 5659


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