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Our Assessment Tools

Through our world-class assessment process, we identify which leaders best deliver the vision, increase performance, and encourage positive change within an organisation. We believe in profiling against future requirements and the specifics of each business and strategy

From recruitment, to managing the employment relationship, developing effective teams or even providing outplacement support, profiles can help unlock hidden potential and identify possible barriers to an individual or team’s success.

We use a variety of methods to predict a leader’s future performance and support them in reaching their full potential. We also help you navigate through the right leadership traits that will help you succeed in the market.

Using validated assessment tools, we can gain insight into the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of his/her workplace behavioural styles.

Assessment Center

Consists of a standardised evaluation of behaviour based on multiple evaluations including: job-related simulations, interviews, and/or psychological tests.

Competency Assessments

Competency assessments are a measure of an employee's competence against their job requirements and duties.

Game-based Assessments

Explore our toolbox of assessments built as games to assess employees' skills in a quick and engaging experience.

Cognitive Ability Test

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

Emotional Intelligence

Other Assessment Tools



We want to find out all about our client and their situation, as well as getting to know something about the problem/opportunity we are there to assist with.

We design appropriate assessment process according to your needs.


We offer online and hybrid assessment process with both off-the-shelf and fully customised reports based on your company's competency framework.


To complete your talent management process, our team of experts will help your organisation identify and nurture future leaders. We offer consulting and the implementation of leadership development programs. 


Once the plans have been implemented and action taken, it is important to review any feedback.   Our aim is to be to bring the consultation to a satisfactory end for both ourselves and our client. We are always keen to get any feedback on how this can be improved for future projects.

Graphic Shapes

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