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All About Talent


Established in 2011, Talent Solution Consultant is a Bangkok-based leadership and talent consulting firm. With a great passion for organisation development, our team members from diverse industries, including FMCG, retail, energy, banking, and finance, have direct experience with leading national and international companies, and we understand how the business runs and what it needs to develop employees' talent and leaders.

With TSC, clients work directly with our leadership consulting professionals and teams. We understand your world and are connected, accountable, attentive, and prepared to get moving to provide you with the best solution.


We are a professional, enthusiastic, and innovative team dedicated to providing strategic HR consulting services and evolving solutions.

Our mission is to partner with organisations across the globe and help our clients achieve sustainable growth by offering customised and sustainable HR solutions.


"Empowering Organisations, Elevating People: Pioneering the HR Revolution in SEA"
As the premier HR consulting firm in South East Asia, we are committed to leading the HR revolution. Our vision is to be agile, dynamic, and future-ready – your trusted one-stop solution provider. Through innovative strategies and a client-centric approach, we elevate organisational performance and create thriving workplaces.

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We define ourselves as progressive HR business partners, committed to fostering a holistic network. In addition to collaborating closely with HR professionals, we also form alliances with HR solutions providers, coaches, trainers, renowned speakers, and a variety of other professional resources. This comprehensive approach ensures that our clients receive comprehensive business support. Equally crucial is our steadfast dedication to maintaining complete awareness and seamless alignment with our strategic business partners.

Meet The Team

As the go-to person for all things HR, we’re here to guide you toward excellence!


We help clients develop innovative and customised human resources solutions and provides a wide variety of business solutions that can be tailored for you and your business. Our main focus areas are organization development consulting, assessment centre design, succession planning solutions, leadership and talent development programmes, and executive coaching. Our expert consultants assist clients in driving business results through growing and engaging their most vital asset...people.

Some of Our Clients

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